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10 Beautiful Home Office Layout and Organization Ideas

Posted by Suzanne on January 26, 2012 at 10:00 AM

I'm in the organizational mood. Perhaps because I'm working on a home office project for a client, or maybe because I'm working through my home to get everything, including closets, organized. Organizational systems don’t have to be ugly eyesores that we hide from friends and family!  Here are 10 office solutions that you can create for your own home office! 

1.  Colorful Fabric Bulletin Board-- In my book, anytime you add fabric to a space, you enhance it. This colorful bulletin board allows you to organize those unappealing required office items with pizzaz.  Mount squares of fabric covered cork boards and use them to post notes, pegboards for hanging supply cups and bins, and whiteboards or chalkboards for jotting down reminders. Also notice the contrast between the dark floor and the white cabinets and the splash of color added with the chair and accessories. Fab!

2.  Office Doubling as a Guest Room--An attic space is completely renovated into a gorgeous shabby chic office which doubles as a guest room. Talk about making use of an otherwise akward space!

3.  Repurposed Wonder--Everything in this office came from repurposing old items or using handmade items. The floating shelves are from picket fences and the armoire now stores a computer. The gorgeous colors--turquoise and chocolate--tie it all together.

4.  Chalkboard Paint--You've seen it before... a chalkboard wall. But this works splendidly with the wallpapered adjacent walls and the charactered furniture. You can keep your children busy while you work! The sconces are beautiful, excluding the cords. I'm against cords hanging down from any wall, for the record, though the dark wall does camouflage the cords. PLEASE pay to have the electrical installed and don't dangle your cords. There... my public service announcement is complete!!


5. Closet Turned Home Office--Do you have a closet or nook that would be the perfect place for a small office? Take a look at how this unused space became the perfect home office. By tucking everything into the closet, you keep the walkway open. The shelving adds interest and function. This homeowner didn't skimp on the molding details and the result is a fabulous furniture-like office nook.

6.  Think Outside the Shoe Cubbie--By using an item intended for another purpose, you can create the perfect cubbie storage unit. Shoe cubbie turned office storage or craft command center. Excellent storage idea!

7.  Clipboard Bulletin Board Organization--Personalize your organizational needs by adhering scrapbook paper or fabric to a plain clipboard.  Hang your finished clipboards on the wall and voila! You have beautiful clips ready to use!

8. Make Use of Unused Space--This is a brilliant example of how an often unused area in your home can become a functional and beautiful office space! The secretary desk fits nicely in the hallway and the fabric curtain hides cords and any unsightly items. The angled stair wall becomes a command center, without looking too officey. Very stylish.


9.  Hidden Office Setup in a Folding Bookshelf--Ok, I must first swoon over this idea! It is brilliant. This compact, self-contained craft or office nook is functional and stylish.  At first glance it appears to be an unconventional armoire.  In actuality it is two bookcases hinged along one side.  The idea of closing it and hiding your workspace is fabulous. Painting it inside and out adds some character and umph. Have I told you how much I love this idea?

10.  Small but Functional. If you are short on space that shouldn’t prevent you from creating a proper office for yourself or your kids. By placing the bookshelf perpindicular to the wall, you add space for two desk stations and you gain storage on the side.

What is your favorite idea? Have you created unique offices in your home? I'd love to hear your ideas!


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