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The Painted Ceiling

Posted by Suzanne on May 4, 2012 at 10:45 AM

"Psst! Look up here!" declares your ceiling. "What about me?" Give your ceiling the attention it deserves.

If you're getting ready to paint the walls, don't forget about the often overlooked ceiling. The ceiling should be treated as the 5th wall in your room. Often times, it has the largest visible surface area in the room because it doesn't have windows, furniture, doors, or artwork to break it up. It's large and continuous. They are often forgotten and neglected, even though they have so much potential. With a little creativity or perhaps just a coat of paint, ceilings can give your room that wow factor like nothing else can.

How do you choose a color for your ceiling? Follow these tips.

1.  HARMONY--To achieve a monochromatic look, use hues in the same color family for both the walls and the ceiling. Don't be afraid to use the darker color on the ceiling. Pull colors from the same strip, but make sure you choose colors that are several shades away from one another. This will create a space that is dramatic, elegant and harmonious.

2.  GO BOLD-- Painting the ceiling a bold color will have a powerful impact on the room. Don't be afraid to use a bold color on the ceiling even if the walls are white. Won't that make the room feel smaller, you ask? The answer is no. By painting the ceiling a bold color, you're actually drawing the eye upward, making the walls seem taller.

Tip-- If you have high ceilings that you want to visually bring down, take the ceiling color about one foot down onto the wall. The room will look much more cozy and intimate.

3.  ADD ARCHITECTURE--Most newer homes lack architectural interest characteristic of well crafted older homes. The solution? Create architecture. Add beadboard and paint or stain it. Add geometric depth with the simple application of 2 x 2s and a variety of paint. Add beams. The options are limitless, but adding architecture will transform your room, especially when combined with color.

4. TRAY CEILINGS--If you're lucky enough to have tray ceilings in your home, don't neglect them! I go to many-a-home that is graced with these architectural beauties, and they remain ignored. Instead, highlight them. Whether subtle or adventurous, uniform ceiling and wall color or multi-colored, treat those tray ceilings like the gems they are!

Now go give your ceilings some attention! You'll love the difference it makes in your home!

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